Trustworthy relationships with marine equipment makers and product knowledge accumulated over many years of hands-on experience enable us to provide our customers with reliable products.

Supply of Reliable Products

Our quality supply system is based on product knowledge and our network of contacts built up over the past 40 years, enabling us to consistently offer our customers the quality products they demand.

Consistent Shipping System
At Our Product Inspection/
Packing Plant

Ordered spare parts from each manufacturer are delivered to and consolidated at our product inspection and packing plant. Following sortation, inspection and packing, they can then be forwarded to any country worldwide in accordance with Owners instructions.

Unlike other companys who are merely brokers, Sunami's long experience provides us with detailed insight into Owners needs even before any action is taken.

① Market information on each country.
Circumstances differ from one country or area to another. Sunami gathers a wide range of information within Japan which is shared with our offshore-incorporated partner companys. Based on these wide sources we can offer a tailor-made proposal to each customer.

Working closely with our network of contacts abroad to deliver required products even more speedily.

We are capable of consolidating spare parts from all manufacturers, inspecting and packing them promptly and arranging delivery worldwide in a professional manner.