Corporate Philosophy

For smooth global distribution of goods, Sunami will make their contribution to the world economy as a marine vessel equipment supplier in an effort to meet customer needs quickly and precisely.
We aim at building corporate value with our global scope, pursuing possibilities of all kinds.
Responding to customers with sincerity on everything, we will continue growing as a company side by side with human society where people can realize happiness.

Message from Our President

Providing services that can satisfy customers; placing importance on
people-to-people contacts.

Seaborne transportation, a primary axis in international logistics of global cargo shipping, is an essential means of transport and indispensable in transporting mineral resources such as crude oil and natural gas; heavy goods such as iron ore and liquid; dry goods; and auto mobiles.Marine vessels, such as ferryboats sailing in island countries like Japan and along peninsulas and areas surrounded by waters, support vital infrastructures for the people by transporting people and daily goods alike. Steady global distribution of goods is achievable only with the environment in which ships can navigate in safety and in a precise manner.
Ever since the inception of our company, we have been consistently providing our customers with ships equipment/spare parts and repair services of all kinds so that marine vessels around the world can sail safely and surely. Facilities with which all ships are equipped include main engines and auxiliaries; pumps, boilers, refrigeration systems, instrumentation devices; and the number of parts and components exceeds several tens of thousands.Capacity to precisely provide customers with engine components necessary to replace depleted ones requires a broad range of product knowledge and a network of contacts built up over years of hands-on experience. Serving as a mediator between marine equipment makers and shipping/vessel management companies in the world, we set out to provide them with products correctly and quickly as necessary, which is only attainable with exact communications with marine equipment manufacturers on top of the trustworthy relationships with customers overseas.Therefore, it is most important for us to build relations of mutual trust.
Happiness for us is a society where people can mutually show and share their positive impressions and a sense of gratitude, that is to say “love and be loved in return,” “feel delight and be delighted” and “have need and be needed.”We would like to continue to be a company which is faithful to everything and share a sense of “happiness” with all people concerned.Amid the ever-changing social landscape, we are confident that we can buckle down to work with social connections and all our heart and provide customers with a feeling of safety and satisfaction on top of our fine quality services.

Michihiro SUNAMI
President and CEO

Corporate Profile

Company Name
President and CEO
Michihiro SUNAMI
Address 4-22, Shichinomiya-cho 1 chome, Hyogo-ku, Kobe-shi, Hyogo 652-0831
Telephone Number (078)-651-5477 (main switchboard)
Foundation Feb. 18, 1970
Capital Fund 10 million yen
Line Banks Kobe branch, Mizuho Bank  Chuo Ichiba branch, Minato Bank
Hyogo branch, Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corp  Kobe branch, The Awa Bank
Number of Employees 18
Group Businesses Sunami Co., Ltd.
Akashi Kaikyo Bridge Development Co., Ltd(


Corporate History


1970 Founder Teruo Sunami establishes Sunami Marine Parts Co.Ltd. In Kobe
with three million yen in capital and takes
the chair of the first president
1971 Embarks on the development of
the Korean market under a tie-up agreement
with Jonghap Maritime Engineering Inc.
1975 Reinforces cooperative ties with
Taiwan-based Kind John Trading Co., Ltd.
in terms of sales promotions
1976 The number of corporate customers
in the Taiwanese market exceeds 30
1978 Embarks on sales activities to develop
the European market
1980 Embarks on sales activities to develop
the Singaporean market
1983 Changes the name of the company to
SUNAMI MARINE Co., Ltd. with an additional
capital of 10 million yen
1987 Sets up an import project department and begins import and sale of
foreign sports equipment
1997 In an effort to improve working efficiency following the Great Hanshin
Earthquake, during which our former company building was damaged, we
moved to the current building.
2000 Michihiro Sunami takes the chair of the president and CEO.
2001 Embarks on sales activities to develop the North American market
2008 Acquires a product inspection and packing plant to improve efficiency
of shipping operations
2010 Achieves transactions with some 400 firms in 30 countries worldwide