Messages from our Staff

Accumulation of Experience and Ability to
Take Action Prompt Company and Employees to Grow

①Get an Interest in It First

Products we are dealing with are mostly of equipment,components and parts necessary to operate ships but
which are seldom seen or touched by consumers in their normal life. In many cases it is difficult to visualize
these products merely by the written names of the equipment or parts. Therefore one needs to get an interest in the product lines first.


②Accumulation of Accurate and Speedy Day-to-day Operations

We receive estimate requests, inquiries, demands, orders and shipping instructions from customers all around the world on a daily basis, based on which we take necessary actions accurately and promptly, including preparation of documents, content confirmation and communications with each customer.
Such operational activities help build up trustful relations not only among employees but also with customers.
One’s existence value will increase because such day-to-day operations are built upon mutual trust.


③As a Highly Specialized Supplier

At the companies dealing with domestic transactions or those placing importance on the locality, in many cases, they carry out their work while sharing information acquired in interviews and consultations among the parties on a daily basis.
Most of our customers are foreign corporate persons.
Hence we often exchange information and data with customers overseas in writing or via IT devices rather than communicating face-to-face with customers due mainly to the time difference with the customers overseas.
Although we try to closely communicate with our customers through persons-in-charge at Sunami Marine as much as possible, there are limitations because operations involve international transactions.
That is why it is necessary for us to foster trustful mutual relations with customers through day-to-day operations with or without face-to-face communications.


Human Capacity Sunami Marine Requires

External Human Capacity

Ability to think objectively by standing in the other persons shoes.
Superior foresight and observation skills
Communication capacity to win the hearts and minds of the other person

Inner Human Capacity

Ability to manage obvious matters in the obvious way
Ability to keep an eye on a goal under any circumstances
Ability to take advantage of the five senses


About Recruitment

Inquiries and applications are accepted either by telephone or e-mail. Please bring along a resume (personal history and professional experience) for your interview. As our latest job recruitment information is available at Hello Work (public employment security office), please feel free to contact us at any time.

Contact: General Affairs c/o Ueda


Telephone lines are open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday.